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  1. Ambir ImageSign Pro 110 (SP110-S2)

    Ambir ImageSign Pro 110 (SP110-S2)


    Ideal for businesses and offices, the Protex Wall Mount Drop Box is designed for dropping large size envelopes and other large documents. With a slot opening 9-1/4” wide, the LPD-161 drop box will easily accept 9" x12" envelopes, making it perfect for interoffice mail or other communication. The low-profile design ensures that it will mount perfectly on the wall without any interference.

     Protex Low-Profile Drop Box comes with a standard tubular cam lock and two keys. Easy to install, this wall drop box already has four pre-drilled mounting holes in the back and includes mounting hardware for drywall or wood surface.


  2. Tubular-style key lock with Double "D" configuration (can be retrofitted with other cam locks)
  3. Piano hinge
  4. Slot opening 9-1/4" wide will accept legal size paper
  5. Metal baffle to protect slot
  6. Pre-drilled mounting holes in back
  7. Mounting hardware for wood and concrete is included
  8. Two tubular keys included
  9. The perfect way to lock and secure suggestions, ballots, keys, mail, money, rent checks and more

  10. Learn More
  • AMBIR-  ImageScan Pro 820i (DS820-AS)

    AMBIR- ImageScan Pro 820i (DS820-AS)


    Smarter scanning. With its intelligent scan buttons, the ImageScan Pro 820i is smart enough to automate even your most demanding tasks. With one touch, you can capture images of your most important documents and send them straight to industry-standard PDF format or even your email. Learn More
  •  AMBIR- Duplex ID Card Scanner w/ ScanLink Pro (DS687-RDP)
  • Ambir- TravelScan Pro (PS600-AS)

    Ambir- TravelScan Pro (PS600-AS)


    The TravelScan Pro’s enhanced TWAIN driver ensures it’s compatible with thousands of software applications and a broad range of hardware systems. It also means the TravelScan Pro produces enhanced image quality with included auto crop and deskew functions. Learn More
  • AMBIR- MobileScan Pro 100 (WS100-PM)

    AMBIR- MobileScan Pro 100 (WS100-PM)


    Out of stock

    m Capture. The MobileScan Pro 100 scans in full color, directly to either JPEG Learn More
  • Ambir-  PS667 Simplex A6 ID Card Scanner

    Ambir- PS667 Simplex A6 ID Card Scanner


    A perfect fit anywhere. No matter what mobile means to you, the Ambir PS667 can handle it. Whether you're on the road capturing business cards or in a hospital scanning patient IDs on a mobile cart, the PS667 has the compact size and USB power to go everywhere. Professional-grade quality. The Ambir PS667 is designed to handle serious workloads. Inside, you’ll find high quality imaging hardware that captures quick, clear images of identification and insurance cards. Outside, you’ll find a durable shell that stands up to continuous use. Your workflow, upgraded. At just three seconds per scan, the Ambir PS667 makes quick work of capturing any card. Identification, insurance and business cards are handled easily, along with credit cards with raised characters. Quit wasting time with flatbed scanners. Get the right tool for the job. Highly compatible. Designed with a wide range of implementations in mind, the Ambir PS667 comes with an enhanced TWAIN driver, which easily facilitates communication with any computer or thin client station. Simply plug in and start capturing images immediately. Learn More
  • AMBIR-  ImageScan Pro 930u (DS930-AS)

    AMBIR- ImageScan Pro 930u (DS930-AS)


    Form meets function. The sleek, carefully designed ImageScan Pro 930u is a perfect choice for medical practices, small offices or anyone who needs professional-grade image capture. The compact footprint fits on the most crowded reception or home office desk, and the collapsible trays mean even more space saved. Learn More
  • AMBIR- ImageScan Pro 490i (DS490-AS)

    AMBIR- ImageScan Pro 490i (DS490-AS)


    Automated imaging. When your scanner captures images as fast as you can feed it, you save time. With the AutoContinue function, the ImageScan Pro 490i won’t prompt you before each scan. You can continuously create digital images, as long as you can keep up. Learn More
  • AMBIR- MobileScan Pro 100 w/ Splice (WS100-SP)

    AMBIR- MobileScan Pro 100 w/ Splice (WS100-SP)


    Blueprints Newspapers Design spreads Schematics Mechanical drawings Maps Art Large photos Learn More
  • Ambir- Duplex ID Card Scanner (DS687-AS)

    Ambir- Duplex ID Card Scanner (DS687-AS)


    Ultra-Compact Footprint – At about the size of a stapler, the PS667 takes up far less space than flatbed scanners USB Powered Convenience – Because it's powered by your computer's USB port, you'll never search for an outlet or carry a bulky AC adapter again. Professional-Grade Quality – Durable and reliable enough for high volume environments such as hospitals, banks and busy points of sale. Straight-to-PDF Scanning – With included AmbirScan image acquisition software, users can scan directly to industry-standard PDF format. AutoContinue Function – This AmbirScan feature allows you to continuously feed media, meaning stacks of ID & insurance cards can be scanned quickly. Portable and Compact – Light weight and small footprint make it the perfect travel companion. Broad Compatibility – The included TWAIN driver ensures compatibility with thousands of software applications and hardware systems Learn More
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