1Touch® IQ2 Indoor/Outdoor Fingerprint Door Lock Pin Code

1Touch® IQ2 Indoor/Outdoor Fingerprint Door Lock Pin Code

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1Touch IQ2 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Features!

The 1Touch IQ2 was designed with ease in mind from installation to use, featuring unmatched capabilities. Keyless and Pin-less Entry - Open cover and place finger! Access Modes: Fingerprint, Pin Code or Key Add/Delete users directly on lock using the Pin Pad Tool free maintenance - no tools ever needed after install Pin Code access for emergency users: can be deleted at any time! 10 minute installation time – only a screw driver needed

1Touch IQ2 stores up to 36 unique fingerprint users (two scans per user) and 78 pin-code users for the base model or 75 unique fingerprint users (two scans per user) and 78 pin code users for the high capacity 1Touch IQ2-HC. Users are enrolled at random or with a unique user ID directly at the unit using the pin pad and fingerprint scanner, which eliminates the need for additional software or networking. Unique user ID enrollment simplifies the process of adding and deleting temporary users like baby-sitters, cleaning staff, or guests. If a potential user is not available for fingerprint enrollment, don’t worry. Use 1Touch IQ2’s pin pad to setup a temporary or permanent pin code for the user and delete the code when their need for access is finished.

Operating the 1Touch IQ2 is a breeze, simply slide up the protective cover and place your finger on the scanner.  That’s it!  Enrolled users will be given access while those without access will be shut out.  The revolutionary sliding protective cover has two functions.  It protects the fingerprint scanner from the elements, making the 1Touch IQ2 a true indoor and outdoor door lock, and activates the scanner for fingerprint authentication. 1Touch IQ2 is powered by four AA batteries that provide approximately 15,000 entries per set of batteries! A low alert battery signal occurs once the batteries begin to get low. If the batteries do fail, all information stored will remain intact. We back the renowned 1Touch quality with a hassle free 30 day return policy and a replacement warranty of one or two years.

Installation of the 1Touch IQ2 is quick and simple, usually taking less than ten minutes. Designed to replace any standard door handle, the 1Touch IQ2 fits nearly all standard American doors at the home and office. That means no drilling, no mess, no experience required. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, simply remove the existing latch and door handle from the door. Replace the latch and door handle with the 1Touch IQ2 and the included corresponding latch. Tighten two screws and three bolts, that’s it! Please see special instructions below for use with a deadbolt. In only ten minutes you have relieved yourself of the need to carry keys, the risk of locking yourself out, or the fear of losing keys again!

An optional handheld USB audit trail kit may also be used with the 1Touch IQ2 to track the last 60 entries by time and user ID (only available for standard model).

Please see the instruction manual download below for additional installation and operation instructions or call us today at 1-866-400-9292 . We look forward to hearing from you.

Special Installation Instructions:

Due to the sliding cover on the 1Touch IQ2 fingerprint lock, a minimum clearance of 7 ½” must exist from the center of the latch to the top of the slide cover. Please ensure that this distance exists between the existing door knob latch and any existing deadbolt or trim. If the distance is less than 7 ½”, the 1Touch IQ2 and your existing deadbolt may easily be switched to provide clearance. Please call our technical support or sales team members if you have a question regarding the fit of the 1Touch IQ2 and any other existing lock on your door.


  • New! - "Bump Resistant" High Security Dimple Keys
  • Fits a USA standard 2-1/8" diameter hole with a thickness of 1-3/8" - 2.30”
  • Add / delete individual users directly on the lock!
  • Stand alone (no PC required) - battery operated
  • 36 fingerprint user capacity (75 for High Capacity model) – 78 pin number users
  • Fingerprint, Pin, or Key Access methods
  • ALL weather fingerprint lock - Operating Temp: -29 ° to 140 ° F
  • ADA Compliant Handle - Click To Learn More about ADA Compliant
  • Ansi Grade 2, FCC, CE certifigates
  • Warrington Fire Research Approved - Click To Learn More about Warrington
  • UL 1034 - Click To Learn More about UL 1034
  • Easy setup and enrollment process
  • No software required - management performed on lock directly
  • 4 AA battery with approximately 15,000 uses before replacement
  • Sliding weather cover triggers sensor to power on automatically
  • Fingerprints will not be lost if batteries fail
  • Low battery warning alert
  • Includes both : 2 3/8 or 2 3/4 inch backsets
  • High grade durable sensor with 560 dpi
  • You will need a screw driver and about 15 min of time

  • Includes

  • 1Touch IQ2 Fingerprint Lock front and rear bodies
  • Standard single latch mortises (2 3/8" & 2 3/4")
  • 4 manual override keys
  • Manual and installation templates

  • Specifications

    • Door Thickness 1 3/8" to 2 1/2"

    • Outside Dimensions (Cover Down) 7" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"

    • Outside Dimensions (Cover Up) 9 3/8" x 5 3/4" x 2 7/8" (including handle)

    • Inside Dimensions 7" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" (including handle)

    • Unlocking Methods Fingerprint, Code and Mechanical Key

    • False Identification Rate:

    • Fingerprint User Capacity 36 Standard / 75 High Capacity model (2 templates)

    • Resolution 560 dpi

    • Anti static Voltage >15000v

    • Working Temperature -29°F / 140°F

    • Password Capacity 78 (minus fingerprint users)

    • Password Length 8 bytes

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